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24 Jan

Here are some facts you might not have known about the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, from little Easter eggs thoughtfully placed throughout the film to behind-the-scenes drama. Darcy" followed by lots of kissing — did not test well with British audiences.So, whether you're a BBC purist or think this version was superior, it's hard to deny that a lot of thought and effort went into making the 2005 Pride and Prejudice.

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However, once “Pan” flopped at the box office, the studio abruptly ended talks with Wright.Surely, someone at the studio had seen the garish “Pan” trailer or heard the bad buzz throughout the industry.If Lionsgate didn’t hire Wright off of “Pan,” why did it play such a huge factor in the studio’s decision to back out of discussions with the well-regarded British director?Joe Wright‘s “Pan” may lead to a 0 million write-down for Warner Bros.but it could also cost Joe Wright, unfairly or not.Rosamund pike and director Joe Wright have lots to celebrate this week, after becoming engaged at the Venice Film Festival.The couple were in Italy for the opening night premiere of Wright’s film, Atonement, starring Keira Knightley and Jame Mc Avoy, which is already tipped for award season glory.Wright shares the blame, of course, but it’s not as if he was allowed to do whatever he wanted on such a big-budget studio production.So why did Lionsgate call off negotiations for “Emperor”?“The ghosts of all the people who have played him before are very much there,” Oldman remarked. As the veteran actor tells Yahoo Entertainment, though, it’s a role he spent years avoiding. '”Darkest Hour, which narrows the focus specifically to those tense few weeks after Churchill inherited 10 Downing Street from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin and faced the monumental choice of whether to make peace with Adolf Hitler’s ascendant Nazi regime or remain in the fight.“The ghosts of all the people who have played him before are very much there,” Oldman remarked. “That was the story I thought was worth telling,” Oldman says now.