Johnny depp amy locane dating

03 Jan

And I thought, Well I’ve been working for these people for four years. WATERS: The first place I ever went was Hollywood and Vine, and got a jaywalking ticket as soon as I got out of the car.

I lived at the other end of the duplex, trying to persuade the welfare department to support me due to my “insanity” while I thought up movie ideas. DEPP: There were a lot of scripts where I would carry a gun, kiss a girl, and walk around corners and pose, and things like that. We’re not joking when we say magical—Winona Ryder even shows up at the end with a new Ralph Lauren shirt for Depp. Johnny Depp By John Waters, agreed to meet me in the San Francisco home of my longtime friend and past financial backer, David Spencer. Depp to relax than this onetime home-away-from-home to Divine, myself, and many other regulars from my early films. DEPP: Well, after we did two shows I got really drunk, drunk. I was, I don’t know, getting ready to puke or something. And he walked over to me and just looked at me, and I thought he was gonna hit me. DEPP: He said, “I was probably in about the same condition as you, maybe worse.”WATERS: All right, the band is catching on, you’re opening for all these acts. DEPP: Dion Ray, a guy who booked bands at the Palace, in Hollywood, thought we should come out. You get 0 a week, WATERS: I can’t imagine you being a salesman. We’d say they’d been chosen by so-and-so in their area to receive a grandfather clock. And I was sort of emaciated, with old hairspray and spiky hair, earrings, a little fucking catacomb dweller. WATERS: So you came home from and was just going out on auditions. And they also said, “The average life span of a TV series is 13 episodes, it that. I think that’s the best thing anyone can do with his life. Well, now when they ask you, you can say you’ve done those interviews! WATERS: And that afternoon we had our first rehearsal, where you had to make out with Amy Locane on the floor of my house. They would order 0 worth of these fucking things, and we would send them a cheap grandfather clock. He had written the part of a big, blond, beach-jock, football-player guy. DEPP: I went and read for Oliver Stone, and Oliver scared the shit out of me! K., I need you for 10 weeks in the jungle.” It was a great experience. ” My agents said, “Listen, this is Frederick Forrest, and he’s a great actor.” I loved Frederick Forrest. WATERS: I think you should do the show forever and ever and ever, until you get so famous you can never got out of your house. And we just started talking about John Wayne Gacy’s paintings. DEPP: I got mine from a tattoo artist who deals on the side in art. Because they cost only 25 dollars, and you paid more. DEPP: No one wanted to have anything to do with it. DEPP: Well, the first thing I saw when I got to Baltimore, I walked into the hotel, and on the window was a big, huge banner, that said, “Welcome Home.” The second thing I saw was a photo from you with the rat that said, “I’m so happy you’re going to be in my movie.” So I knew I was in the right place. WATERS: So, then, how did this ever turn into an acting career? DEPP: A friend of mine—WATERS: Who was your friend. I read for , and I was just totally not what Wes had written for the story. WATERS: You’re friends with some of them still, though, right? So they hired somebody else to do it, and they fired him after about a month, and then they called me and said, “Would you please come in and do it? WATERS: Well, didn’t you say the person you were involved with at the time wouldn’t allow you to have it in the house? Anyway, when you first came to Baltimore, what was your impression? A., and we played with the Bus Boys and Billy Idol. I met his agent, and she sent me to read for Wes Craven and Annette Benson, the casting agent for New Line Cinema. DEPP: I got a call from my agents, who said, “These people want you to come and read for this TV thing.” And I said, “No, no, no, no, no.” I didn’t want to sign some big contract that would bind me for years. WATERS: Yeah, but I hope you don’t like him, because he was basically the worst dressed mass murderer in America. He just killed everyone he slept with so they wouldn’t tell. DEPP: Well, I guess you just wanted to—WATERS: To break the ice! DEPP: He did the whole bit where he stood up at the podium and held his arms out, crying, and said, “Come up, run up, and be saved.” And people would come up to his feet—that whole weird idol thing. I got obsessed with the electric guitar, so my mom bought me one from them for 25 bucks. The I locked myself in a room for a year and taught myself how to play, learned off records, and then I started playing in little garage bands. DEPP: The first group I was ever in was called Flame. WATERS: I still think you should marry Raquel Welch and I’ll sell the children, because she’s part Indian too, and you could have the kids with the best cheekbones in America. WATERS: Did he speak in tongues and things like that? WATERS: And that made you want to go into show business? His cousins had a gospel group and they came down and played gospel songs, and that was the first time I ever saw an electric guitar. WATERS: So you’re in this new band and then you get . WATERS: Well, I remember after the movie you lived nowhere.