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06 Oct

But if his friends say something that gives it away that he’s been talking about you like, “Oh man, Mark said you’d wear that hat,” or “Mark said you love chugging Bud Lights,” that probably means you’re in.You should wait for the guy that talks about you to his friends.His first couple of days in the school running club didn’t go well.He kept falling, skinning his knees, then picking himself up only to falling over again.They also make sure that the shoe had extra stability, since Gallegos has more trouble balancing than most.Gallegos tried on dozens of different shoe prototypes that the researchers created.He nearly made it, coming in at two hours and three minutes. He was one of the first able-bodied runner with Cerebral Palsy to complete a half marathon unassisted.

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It incorporates cushioning that responds to the runner’s movements.“When I first started running and my laces came undone, it would take me a long time to put them back on again,” he says. So the new system means I don’t have to worry about this problem.”Nike has been working on a version of this shoe that it will sell to consumers.It is part of the Fly Ease series, which features the lace-free entry system, connecting an adjustable strap to a wraparound zipper, allowing the wearer to open and close the shoe in a single motion.They created a shoe where the forefront was reinforced, since Gallegos experiences more pressure in this area.They discovered that when Gallegos’s foot strikes the ground, his entire bodyweight unloads in a very small area, so they provided extra cushioning in this area.He’s settled on a version of the shoe that he’s now using to run races and marathons.One of his favorite features in the shoe is an easy and lightweight system involving zippers and straps that allows him to get into and out of the shoe very quickly.Gallegos was born with Cerebral Palsy, which means he has little control over his muscles and body coordination.Most people with the disorder do not even attempt something as ambitious as running.Gallegos not only gave it a try, he was convinced that if he practiced enough, he would be able to do it.“I wanted to take part in an after-school activity just like everyone else,” he tells me.