Keralaa aunty sex

31 Oct

I was in the thought that she had come to scold me for what I had done to her in the afternoon, instead she came to me and sat near me and politely asked me – do you really love my breast so much. Seeing the fear in my face she kept her hand on my cheeks and asked me to relax and then she caught my hand and kept in over her blouse and said this is yours you can do whatever you want.I looked into her face and she bend her head down due to shyness and said Suresh- I am starving for you from the time I had seen you, at least now you thought of approaching me for your needs and even now its not too late, telling this she moved even closer to me and leaned her head over my chest.

The sight of her open boobs with her dark areola and nipples send current through my spines.She would have been thinking that her son was fondling her breasts as he used to do every time.After gaining some more courage I put my lips on her nipples and sucked it and her milk started oozing into my mouth.I was stunned and surprised and did not know what to do.I gained a little courage and said, your son will be coming now isn’t it.Both her breast jumped out as if it was let free from bondage and She never used to wear bra as she was feeding her son.I could now see clearly how her nipples were getting stiff due to my continuous massage on her breasts.Her first son who is in the 3rd standard goes to his school in the morning itself and comes back by 4 in the evening.The youngest son is a little mischievous one, even at this age he has not left the habit of breast-feeding.This act has already sent my cock rock hard and it was straining beneath my shorts which I was wearing at that movement.Suddenly she woke up and caught me in the act of sucking her breast.