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21 Nov

In The Cradle of Life (’03), Butler is Terry Sheridan – old flame of chronic spelunker Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) – who helps lead her to the mythical Pandora’s Box.Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life is an awful motion picture, but Butler’s certainly straining to really cement his place as Hollywood’s next dangerously appealing leading man.Reign of Fire also marks the beginning of the next way Hollywood producers and casting agents tried to utilize the actor’s roguish screen persona.Butler’s biggest role up to this point came the very next year in Jan de Bont’s sequel to the video game cinema hit Tomb Raider (’01).Butler returned to television for a string of overlooked projects, such as starring (alongside mentor Berkoff) as the eponymous conqueror in the USA Network’s Attila (2001) mini-series, and playing an adjudicator in the Masterpiece Theater courtroom drama The Jury (’02) before pure pulp came calling again.

It’s nothing flashy – though, to be fair, little is when compared to Mc Conaughey’s scenery chewing – but again showed Butler gravitating toward a genre work with an odd narrative hook.

In fact, Butler’s barely allowed to say a word for half the movie’s runtime, instead looking menacingly sexy (not to mention slim) while stalking about a popping Mardi Gras setting.

But there’s something undeniably magnetic about this new Count, with his flowing grunge band locks and piercing eyes.

Because he would make one hell of a Captain Curry, leading a band of mercenaries through the Congo as he seeks to steal million in diamonds.

Or perhaps the lines on Butler’s face are a result of the numerous reinventions he’s already undergone during his 20-year career.