Lebanese girl for dating

16 Jan

Log in to Reply That depends of the country, don’t expect so much blacks in Chile, Paraguay, or Bolivia, Argentina.

People must stop generalizing when they are talking about so heteregenous group of people only because they speak the same language.

But her identifying as Mexican helps her latina false image in Hollywood.

Link in to Reply 50%) of Mexican population is mestizo (white and amerindian), then there are a significant proportion of ppl of only Caucasian stock.

Elias was born in Mexico City, to Lebanese parents, from Baabda, Mount Lebanon. Adela was the daughter of Nayib Hid (later Narciso Domínguez) and Nesnefer (later Isabel) Marún. Log in to Reply @Fuzzybear this article says her Mom is a Louisianna Creole and Salma is not Mexican at all) Salma Hayek “Mother of Louisiana Creole(French/African/Native American) Ancestry/Father is Arab-she was born in Mexico but educated in New Orleans Creole society.” Log in to Reply Although she’s now beyond 40 …She still a bomb…

Salma’s paternal grandmother was Adela Domínguez Marún (the daughter of Nayib Hid, later Narciso Dominguez, and of Nesnefer, later Isabel, Marún). but i cannot understand why she had to marry somebody so so so rich… People from Mexico have a light to dark complexion. So it makes sense that she is a darker tan than a fully Lebanese person.

Its not just white and Indian, its white, indian and African.Unfortunately, most Lebanese women more and more often expose themselves to plastic surgery for breast augmentation, lip make, liposuction.Today, Lebanon can be called "Mecca of plastic surgery" in the Arab world.Her real hair is not straight, it is spiral ringlet big and curly naturally. Whomever wrote the article , she does not have a curly perm like the author suggests that’s her naturally curly hair.She has Mariah Carey type hair and is good friends with Halle Berry. I’m of the pagan faith, my brother is muslim bahai faith, my parents are christian and we are all melanesians.I assume that her lebanese site is christian and not muslim because her grandfathers name sounds pretty christian. being called arabic only fits on someone being muslim.but its common calling someone arabic if the person is arabic speaking and from the middle east.I always wondered, why a “latina woman” has a name “Salma Hayek”. obviously, to be a “latin” brings more success in show-bisuness as to be a libanese Log in to Reply Actually this article says Salma hayek is not Mexican at all her dad is actually Arab and her mother is white/black/Indian from New Orleans there is no Mexican in her.Even though Mexicans are actually white/black/Indian peoples themselves too.I actually googled Bahai coz I have never heard anything about it.I cant get the Iran (where Bahai was born)- Melanesians connection btw but I’m getting basic info now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahá'í_Faith Log in to Reply So,she’s half-libanese.