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(l) Pending, during, and after the examination of any entity, the Commissioner shall not make public the financial statement, findings, or examination report, or any report affecting the status or standing of the entity examined, until the entity examined has either accepted and approved the final examination report or has been given a reasonable opportunity to be heard on the report and to answer or rebut any statements or findings in the report. In the case of an examination of an insurer, the insurer shall bear the cost of retaining those persons.

No provision in any statute, public or private, may relieve any company, association, or order from the supervision prescribed for the class of companies, associations, or orders of like character, or release it from the payment of the licenses, taxes, and fees prescribed for companies, associations, and orders of the same class; and all such special provisions or exemptions are hereby repealed. (2) Is an affiliate of a depository institution or financial holding company. In making a determination to accept the domiciliary insurance regulator's report, the Commissioner may consider whether (i) the insurance regulator was at the time of the examination accredited under NAIC Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation Program, or (ii) the examination is performed under the supervision of an NAIC-accredited insurance regulator or with the participation of one or more examiners who are employed by the regulator and who, after a review of the examination work papers and report, state under oath that the examination was performed in a manner consistent with the standards and procedures required by the regulator. Any person to whom the warranty is issued may institute an action to recover against the warrantor and the surety bond for any breach of warranty. 58-1-43, 58-1-50: Repealed by Session Laws 1993 (Reg. (d) All orders entered under subdivision (c)(1) of this section shall be accompanied by findings and conclusions resulting from the Commissioner's consideration and review of the examination report, relevant examiner work papers, and any written submissions or rebuttals. The bond must be issued by a surety company licensed to do business in this State and is subject to the approval of the Secretary of State. If the examination report reveals that the entity examined is operating in violation of any law, rule, or prior order of the Commissioner, the Commissioner may order the entity examined to take any action the Commissioner considers necessary and appropriate to cure the violation; or (2) Rejecting the examination report with directions to the examiners to reopen the examination to obtain additional data, documentation of the information, and refiling under subdivision (1) of this subsection; or (3) Calling for an investigatory hearing with no less than 20 days' notice to the insurer for purposes of obtaining additional documentation, data, and testimony.(d) Repealed by Session Laws 1989 (Regular Session, 1990), c. If the Commissioner determines that further regulatory action is appropriate as a result of any examination, the Commissioner may initiate such proceedings or actions as provided by law. The Fund shall be subject to the provisions of the Executive Budget Act; except that the provisions of Article 3C of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes do not apply to subdivision (b)(1) of this section. "Financial statement analysis work papers" does not mean statements filed with the Commissioner under G. 58-2-165, CPA audit reports filed with the Commissioner under G. 58-2-205, or documents that constitute an initial filing and any supplemental filing necessary to complete a filing made by an insurer, independent of financial statement analysis. No lender shall require the purchase of insurance from such lender or subsidiary or affiliate of such lender as a condition to the making, renewing or refinancing of any loan or to the establishing of any of the terms or conditions of such loan. A lender engaged in making or servicing real estate mortgage or deed of trust loans on one to four family residences shall accept as evidence of insurance a temporary written contract of insurance meeting the requirements of G. 58-44-20(4) and issued by any duly licensed insurance agent, broker, or insurance company. A provision that it may not be cancelled within a term of the binder except upon 10 days' written notice to the mortgagee; and e. (2) Is accompanied by a paid receipt for one year's premium, except in the case of the renewal of a policy subsequent to the closing of a loan; and (3) Includes an undertaking of agent to use his best efforts to have the insurance company issue a policy. No insurer, representative of any insurer, or insurance broker shall enter into any arrangement that involves the sale of insurance or the pledging of existing insurance as guaranty or collateral for the issuance of any credit card. If a policy form filing is disapproved by the Commissioner, the Commissioner may return the filing to the filer. The hearing shall proceed expeditiously with discovery by the entity examined limited to the examiner's work papers that tend to substantiate any assertions set forth in any written submission or rebuttal.(2) "Services" means work, labor, and other personal services. Service agreements on home appliances are governed by G. (c) Nothing in this section affects the provisions of Article 28 of this Chapter. If after 30 days after the examination report has been submitted to it, the entity examined has neither notified the Commissioner of its acceptance and approval of the report nor requested to be heard on the report, the report shall then be filed as a public document and shall be open to public inspection, as long as no court of competent jurisdiction has stayed its publication. These rules shall be substantially similar to the NAIC model rule that requires audited financial reports, as amended. The Commissioner is authorized to adopt rules governing mortgage insurance consolidations and related rules concerning unfair rate discrimination. For purposes of this section, "mortgage insurance consolidation" means any transaction in which a mortgage loan servicer makes its premium collection services available to mortgage debtors in connection with an insurer's offer of mortgage insurance, which offer is made to debtors who, immediately prior to the offer, had mortgage insurance with another insurer and were paying premiums for that insurance with their monthly mortgage payments. The Fund shall be placed in an interest bearing account and any interest or other income derived from the Fund shall be credited to the Fund. The Commissioner shall provide or cause to be provided to the Department of Labor, on an annual basis, the name and business address of every employer that is self-insured for workers' compensation. (a) Notwithstanding Chapter 132 of the General Statutes, all market analysis, documents arising from market conduct action, and financial statement analysis work papers are confidential, are not open for public inspection, and are not discoverable or admissible in evidence in a civil action brought by a party other than the Department against a person regulated by the Department, its directors, officers, or employees, unless the court finds that the interests of justice require that the documents be discoverable or admissible in evidence or except as provided in G. Documents, programs, findings, and other information produced by persons employed or contracted by the Commissioner during and as part of the financial statement analysis of an insurer. Documents, programs, findings, and other information disclosed by an entity to persons employed or contracted by the Commissioner in response to an inquiry from the Commissioner during and as part of the financial statement analysis of the insurer. Documents, programs, findings, and other information obtained, during and as part of the financial statement analysis of an insurer, by persons employed or contracted by the Commissioner from or through any regulatory or law enforcement agency or the NAIC when the receipt of that information is conditioned upon the Commissioner maintaining the confidentiality of the information shared with the Commissioner.(b) Any warranty, including ancillary anti-theft protection program warranties as defined by G. 66-370(b)(1a), made solely by a manufacturer, distributor, or seller of goods or services without charge, or an extended warranty offered as an option and made solely by a manufacturer, distributor, or seller of goods or services for charge, that guarantees indemnity for defective parts, mechanical or electrical breakdown, labor, or any other remedial measure, including replacement of goods or repetition of services, shall not be a contract of insurance under Articles 1 through 64 of this Chapter; however, service agreements on motor vehicles are governed by G. Any warranty or extended warranty made by any person other than the manufacturer, distributor, or seller of the warranted goods or services is a contract of insurance. Nothing in the Examination Law prohibits the Commissioner from disclosing the content of the examination report, preliminary examination report or results, or any related matter, to an insurance regulator or to law enforcement officials of this or any other state or country or of the United States government at any time, as long as the person or agency receiving the report or related matters agrees in writing and is authorized by law to hold it confidential and in a manner consistent with this section. The Commissioner may adopt, amend, or repeal provisions of these rules under G. 150B-21.1 in order to keep these rules current with the NAIC model rule. In the event the Commissioner adopts such rules, while such rules are in effect the unfair rate discrimination provisions of G. Moneys in the Fund shall only be spent pursuant to warrants drawn by the Commissioner on the Fund through the State Treasurer. Information provided or caused to be provided by the Commissioner to the Department of Labor under this section is confidential and not open for public inspection under G. "Financial statement analysis work papers" includes financial analysis programs and procedures; correspondence between persons employed or contracted by the Commissioner and the insurer during and as part of the financial statement analysis; memos, e-mails, and other correspondence, in any form, produced by persons employed or contracted by the Commissioner detailing findings or recommendations of the financial statement analysis; and the Actuarial Opinion Summary filed by an insurer as required by and in accordance with NAIC Annual Statement Instructions. Certain insurance activities by lenders with customers prohibited. (a) It is unlawful for any insurance company licensed and admitted to do business in this State to issue, sell, or dispose of any policy, contract, certificate, or certificate of insurance, or use applications in connection therewith, until the forms of the same have been submitted to and approved by the Commissioner, and copies filed in the Department. In conducting the examination, an examiner shall observe the guidelines and procedures in the NAIC Examiners' Handbook. (h) Upon determining that an examination should be conducted, the Commissioner shall issue a notice of examination appointing one or more examiners to perform the examination and instructing them about the scope of the examination. Every insurance company must be licensed and supervised by the Commissioner, and must pay all licenses, taxes, and fees as prescribed in the insurance laws of the State for the class of company, association, or order to which it belongs. The purpose of this section is to encourage this coordination and confidential sharing of information and to thereby improve both the efficiency and the quality of the supervision of financial holding companies and their affiliated depository institutions and persons engaged in insurance activities. - Upon the request of the Board or the appropriate federal banking agency, the North Carolina Secretary of State, or the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks, the Commissioner may provide any examination or other reports, records, or other information to which the Commissioner has access with respect to a person that: (1) Is engaged in insurance activities and regulated by the Commissioner. (2) "Board" and "financial holding company" have the same meanings as in section 2 of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, 12 U. (f) Instead of examining any foreign or alien insurer licensed in this State, the Commissioner may accept an examination report on that insurer prepared by the insurer's domiciliary insurance regulator. Provided that such records shall upon request be made available to the district attorney of any district if the same concerns persons or investigations in his district. Confidentiality of medical and credentialing records. (a) All patient medical records in the possession of the Department are confidential and are not public records pursuant to G. (2) The amount of money spent by each entity for each of the statutorily permissible uses. The report also should describe any problems with data collection and quality and, if applicable, make recommendations on actions the General Assembly could take to resolve any data issues. Authority over all insurance companies; no exemptions from license. In particular, Congress believes that the Board and the Commissioner should share, on a confidential basis, information relevant to the supervision of persons that control both a depository institution and a person engaged in insurance activities, including information regarding the financial health of the consolidated organization and information regarding transactions and relationships between persons engaged in insurance activities and affiliated depository institutions. "Insurance producer" or "producer" includes an agent, a broker, and a limited representative. (e) To complete an examination of any entity, the Commissioner may authorize an examination or investigation of any person, or the business of any person, insofar as the examination or investigation is necessary or material to the entity under examination.