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08 Nov

The 19-year-old later told the broadcaster: "It's such an honour and it's something that you could never expect."I still don't quite believe it, so it's just an amazing experience." In further break from tradition Meghan was due to make a speech at the lunchtime reception hosted by the Queen on behalf of herself and new husband Prince Harry.If it was all a bit too much for you, please read our alternative live blog of the day below - it was a bunting-free zone.Precise timings have been revealed as to which members of the royal family are arriving when: Prince Harry and his best man the Duke of Cambridge will arrive at 11.40am, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will follow at 11.42am.Harry's best man and brother, the Duke of Cambridge, will act as compere, it said in a statement.To read how we covered the day's festivities please read what was our live coverage below.Cherry Mc Gregor, 50, from Louisiana, told her: "Me and my 16-year-old daughter came for the weekend.

We have got a bottle of pink champagne and she's on the wine already," he said jovially gesturing towards his partner. I'm also here because Harry served in the forces like my brother who passed away in Afghanistan.By the time she met Harry, she was a divorcee, and today became the first mixed-race member of the royal family.Few things illustrated the disparate cultural beginnings of bride and groom better than the religious figures who appeared at their wedding.We think Harry is doing this to keep his mum alive."Hours before the ceremony, Buckingham Palace announced that Harry has been given a dukedom - the highest rank in the British peerage - and Meghan will become Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex.In other lofty title news Harry also received Scottish and Northern Irish titles, becoming the Earl of of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel, which means Meghan will become the Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness Kilkeel.We would not have been here if it was a British princess. Wait do you think I'll get in trouble if I climb up that pole with my flag?I think the fact she is biracial will add more layers to the royal family and give them more credibility." Marlene Wright, 50, from Miami, said: "I love Meghan's style and what she has done for charity. "Once Tashman had walked away, her friend Eleanor Buffet, 18, a British student at Kings College, added: "I think the institution of the royal family is an institution we should question.The influence of African-American culture was apparent throughout the service at St George's Chapel in Windsor, from the rousing address of black Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry to the spine-tingling performance of a gospel choir.Such departures from the conventional Church of England wedding indicates the impact Meghan has had on the House of Windsor. Born in Los Angeles, California, to a white father and African-American mother, Meghan rose through the world of showbusiness with a plum role in the TV series Suits.Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby officiated with the measured solemnity common to Church of England services, while Chicago-born Bishop Curry riveted the congregation with a fiery delivery of his "Power of Love" address.His speech touched on issues including slavery and poverty, even channeling the spirit of another celebrated black orator, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.