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28 Sep

This is an unexpected and surprisingly delightful USP of Date in a Dash events: the organisers really get involved, going out of their way to talk to everyone and put them at ease. Leading me into the changing room, he tells me that before he got into the speed dating business, he was a police officer “with long hours and no job satisfaction” – but had always been entrepreneurial.

“I started the business in 2011, when I went with a friend to a rival event and thought it was a good laugh and way to meet people, but not very well put together.

“I wouldn’t do it in a million years.” Red rag to a bull, I’m afraid.

Full disclosure: I am a 5”4, size 14 woman on the latter side of 25 with all the trimmings – cellulite, scars, bruises, chipped nail varnish and a rack that gave up the fight against gravity years ago.

“In terms of ‘Naked Dating’, it was just an idea I’d been thinking of for a while since I saw the show, ‘Naked Attraction’.” Like the show, the event was billed around the idea of a limited “reveal’: you all emerge in two rows, boys opposite girls (currently the event is only set up for heterosexual daters, but I hope to see them expand in the future), wearing nothing but your event-provided robe and your best smile.

I saw an opportunity to do things better and make the events more quirky and fun. Date in a Dash now hosts more events in London than its competitors, has over 30,000 members and is working with top brands in quality venues all over the city.

And it is the first, in fact, to host an event of this kind.

So this isn’t one of those #bodypositivity Instagram larks done by a part-time teenage model with an airbrush filter.

In fact, trying to make a good impression on a total stranger while sweating from your inner thighs is about as #nofilter as it gets.