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01 Mar

Are men and women really innately different when it comes to sex and dating?

What if evolution wants women to try out as many potential mates as possible in order to select the fittest one?

Moreover, with increasing age came increasing motivation to use online dating for both love and casual sex, bolstered by the ease of communication, but less driven by excitement and self-validation.

They also found that the older participants were, the more likely they were to use an online dating website versus an application.

the city attorney said in a statement, "After reviewing the charges for each of these cases closely, I’ve determined that the facts of these cases do not meet the elements required to prosecute under this law." Stormy Daniels stayed calm during her strip club arrest, but new video of the incident shows her team was anything but.

I expect this last finding to change as apps become more dominant and familiar, and as younger people, who use apps now over online dating websites, age.

But what about the question of biological sex versus sociosexuality in determining motivations for using online dating?

To understand participants’ online dating motivations, researchers used a version of the “Tinder motivations scale” (Sumter et al., 2017), which estimates six fundamental reasons for using dating apps and websites — love/long-term romance, casual sex, ease of communication, self-worth validation, thrill of excitement, and trendiness. First of all, there were sex differences in what kind of platform people report using for cyberdating.

Men were more likely to use dating websites, whereas women were more likely to use dating apps.