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10 Mar

You won't miss too much sun time and will be energized to make it through the rest of your relaxing day.

This lunch is perfect is your trying to be healthy.

If you like to have more of a variety, get different flavored hummus packs so you can just grab and go. Not to mention it doesn't take too long to eat, and you could easily take it with you. Give yourself more options by switching between almond, peanut and cashew butter - it'll make this simple lunch seem less boring.

Sleeping, relaxing, tanning and swimming - what more could you ask for?

If you're like me and get to the beach early in the morning and stay until past dinner, finding something to eat for lunch can be a problem - searching for a quick and easy lunch idea isn't simple.

Don't worry, I have some great suggestions for you - so here's what you can use for your next beach trip. This quick and easy lunch gives you the opportunity to mix and match flavors to your liking.

And not to mention, they're great to take if you're in a rush (especially to get back to the beach). They can be made-to-order or you can have one that's already prepared.