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04 Mar

Whenever the user hits save, we upload to the cloud but we also store game data on disk at the same time, it offline (for example, we might save the player's health level and the states of all objects and characters inside the game universe).

The argument against this mode is best summed up in a famous article from a few years back."Web" and "online" are two closely associated terms, downright synonymous to many people.So why on earth would we talk about "offline" web technologies, and what does the term even mean?However, it gets more nuanced than "always-offline".Another class of applications are "online-offline" apps (sometimes just called "offline apps", somewhat ambiguously).It would be painfully slow to store the whole thing on a server (unless you and all your users are lucky enough to be on a super-fast network).Much better to store the entire video offline and push changes to the server as and when they happen.You might protest that these technologies shouldn't be called "offline" if they are used by purely online apps. At one level, "offline technologies" could be defined as "technologies supporting offline apps", making the protest valid.But another definition is "technologies operating outside of the cloud", and that's the one used here.Just beware that it comes at the cost of complexity, and that complexity needs to be justified. Offline technologies support caching and detailed control over caching process.Even assuming internet utopia, where everything is always online, offline technologies still server a purpose. Therefore, web apps can boot quickly and show data instantly.