Married dating in havelock north carolina

31 Oct

After about 3 weeks (June 2017), she put him out and his wife let him come home. They have argued over him at work putting their jobs at risk. She’s a predator of the worst kind and she has a daughter who will learn this behavior from her.

2 weeks later (July 2017)…He moves back in with Bonnie. We all work together at the Herbalife Warehouse in Kernersville. This girl Melanie Frazier is the worst home wrecker! Rebekah Bernard, who goes by Sammie/Rebekah Davenport on Facebook, decided she was not good enough to get a man in the “free” world.

By the end of August, he had again left his family and moved in with Ebonie . We are separated and she continually has her 2 year old daughter call and leave messages on my home phone and also calls my cell from private numbers and says nothing. Both of them, Rebekah and the Inmate, are low life scum!

I keep blocking her numbers so she gets google Numbers. She’s a server who works with my soon to be exhusband. He is likely suffering from depression but won’t seek help. In her position while working in a prison, he can not give consent. Instead of being fired, she quit in an attempt to escape criminal charges.

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He’s married and had 3 kids with his wife of about 16 a easy going person, love watching the sunset, walking down the beach. am 5ft tall, 132lbs, blonde hair, am a old school fashion type. I am from the united state of America i work with the united state Army, i am a widower i have just one kid she is 7 years old, my name is Good George My height is 175 cm 5. Art is something I want to advance more in like paintings and drawings I love poetry and expressing myself that way. i have an Hi I’m Aviegna I love long walks and just being outside nothing like seeing a sunrise or sunset.but I now prefer volunteering for organizations that interest me. If you just want a hookup that's fine but be honest and upfront.I am sociable, cheerful, inert, leading a healthy lifestyle lady. I am looking for a intelligent man with a sense of humor. Last year he started having an affair with one of our co-workers named Bonnie.After a few months of it, it ended in Oct 2016 when his wife found out. In May 2017 his wife put him out and in less than a month he moved in with Bonnie and her young son. He tells them how they will make people hate them and how in love he is with them!The Amato Insurance Group, and all our licensed and highly skilled associates and staff, strive everyday to provide the absolute best customer service and expert advice in protecting you.We realize that you, the consumer, have lots of choices for your insurance needs and we look forward to serving you and your hard earned possessions.I caught on last year and he swore he’d stop talking to her. He is still incarcerated, and Rebekah continues to send him money, talk to him on the phone, and finds ways to physically see him. She then being the thotty trash that she is decided to send messages to the wife antagonizing her with a picture of her (Rebekah) wearing the inmates wedding ring.This slut threw herself at my friend’s husband and begged him to f**k her.