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24 Sep

Consider the Republican backed Judge Timothy Taylor Update: Judge Taylor ruled against the downtown crowd.

(Surprised us too.) However, out-of-county attorneys generally complain Judge Taylor is most likely to maintain San Diego's earned reputation for "hometowning" out of the county, counsel.

That part wasn't a surprise.) Good news, Divorce CORP is out.

Please note that in caps DA Bonnie Dumanis promises "NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKEN." After seeing Divorce CORP: DA candidate Bob Brewer said: "This is a very powerful documentary which is well done and sheds light on a system that seems in need of immediate repair. Local authorities also not interested in prosecuting Archer's alleged housing and unemployment fraud.

Seeing as this type of judge is considerably fewer in numbers, we are proud do so. So the question is, how "watchdog" is that, when the woman is responsible for the waste of attorney fees, and court time, all while accumulating a pension? Some noticed Judge Taylor seemed to have information not in the court files the individual's attorney did not. This spells trouble for litigants unless these litigants have money to burn and are especially fond of the appellate process. (Note: If your browser doesn't support Flash, click here. Need any more proof Bonnie Dumanis should be booted out of the District Attorney's office? Chetwyn Archer initiated a custody case...while awaiting deportation!

Meaning judges who are impartial, or, work hard to set aside whatever bias they have. Oh, by the way, San Diego Bar Association, Judge Rogers ran unopposed. We've listed her as that here for the past six years. " Private judging is grim, and heads up; (Note to newbies) private arbitration doesn't have to comply with the Code of Civil Procedure.

In another case, ask us which pro tem, during his pro-tem training, was undergoing review by the State Bar, for a variety of charges, for which he was held accountable in six, separate client actions.

And that's just the judge Very cozy when it comes to city and county officials.

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This free-speech case prosecuted as vandalism strikes us as Exhibit A in that regard. Other media protects judges the same, and is why the Archives page was created.

The COA overturned Pollack's order regarding attacker Shawn Harris, "As soon as Shawn is released from prison, reunification between the children and Shawn shall occur before Shawn completes any domestic violence classes or participates in any individual therapy,” finding Judge Pollack (who inspired a Dateline investigation) abused his discretion.

Details of the long, sadly misogynistic behavior at the page titled, Abuse of Discretion.

Meanwhile, Vista Court remains the most virulent, anti-women court in all San Diego.

August 15, 2013 Vista - San Diego County - Northern Division Oceanside St Judge Gregory Pollack: Court of Appeal confirms: Judge Pollack, still an idiot!