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13 Jan

and the next thing I knew there was a guy standing right in front of me with a choir of angels behind his head!I was instantly impressed by the confidence he displayed in breaking into a large group of women, deep in conversation (we were talking about the weather) to introduce himself. I felt shy and flushed in his presence and I reverted straight back to being 16 years of age again. I felt tongue tied and was asking stupid questions, like “what have you had to drink? When he replied, “two gin and tonics”, I asked if he was depressed (gin, I’d been told is apparently a depressant).. I was shocked when he actually asked for my number.We had to go for something subtle, otherwise we would look like we were directing air traffic on a tarmac, all that would be missing were the fluro high vis vests! We were all relieved by the distraction of ordering our meals.The old kick under the table never works, too hard to gauge the distance and you can end up kicking the wrong person. I was so thankful to have a diversion that I could have sprung up and done it for every table in the restaurant.If done often enough this practice can also coincide with training for the Extreme Breath Holding Championships! When there was no immediate response, I fell apart like a cheap suit.

Susie Mc Lean opens up about her love life and shares on thoughts on her date with Marcello.

accent, quality shoes ✔️ Generous = Bought me a drink… ✔️✔️✔️ I had workshopped the prospect of Marcello coming to Melbourne with my fellow singleton and wingman, Janet.

Coincidently, Janet had just received correspondence from Christopher, a guy she had been dating.

A place of exhilaration, adrenaline rushes and white knuckle rides.

A roller coaster, ghost train and shooting target gallery, the main attractions.