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25 Dec

The cast of was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures and released in theaters on October 9, 1998.

During the week of its limited release in Los Angeles and New York City, it grossed a total of ,000.

As for Gamble, he portrayed the role of Brandy Lang- his neighbours’ son who eventually befriends his own son, Grant (played by Spencer Treat Clark).

Distributed internationally by Universal Pictures, A moderate success, it went on to earn .1 million against a production budget of million.

From that point onward, his career only gained more momentum; just a few months after making his big screen debut, he was selected among 20,000 children for the lead role in Nick Castle’s comedy flick, A huge box office success, it put Gamble’s career in the right tracks for the subsequent years.

For his portrayal of the mischievous five-year-old boy in the film, he received a Young Artist Award for “Best Youth Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy” in 1994.

Although he has fallen out of the spotlight to pursue the sciences, his charm and good looks would make it easy for him to find prospective roles, should he choose to go back to acting. Seeing as how the 31-year-old former star is not on social media (which is understandable considering how that he’s departed from the celebrity lifestyle), the easiest way to see if he’s taken on any new projects is probably to keep a watch out on his official IMDb page.

Obvious gay symbolism -- the "inferior" outsider who longs to be a real boy.

Plus bonding: when Vincent grows into an adult (Ethan Hawke), he "borrows" the DNA of crippled athlete Jerome (Jude Law), and rather overtly falls in love with him.

Several months later, the film was released nation-wide across 760 screens on February 19, 1999, during which it earned .8 million over its opening weekend.

By the end of its theatrical run, had taken in over million, making it a commercial success.