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16 Nov

I needed a little extra cash so I took a job as a bookkeeper for a local construction company.

I had him run back for a few different pairs so I wouldn't lose his attention.

:)~xxx He called me up and I told him that my husband was going to get a massage for an hour...(story continued in members area.) xxx Desirae __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5-21-13: Hi guys, Here is a little daily video I made for you today. I love hearing from you, I get a kick out of some of the wild stuff you guys say.

Just to recap- i've been adding a lot of new bonus content to the site along with my HOT videos. xxx Desirae (story continued in members area.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 05-20-13: I went out shopping the other day and ended up buying a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom.

I wore some really sexy black fetish lingerie underneath my business attire.

Of course I wore some full fashioned stockings and some high heels for him as well. He was already hard and ready for me when I got down on my knees....yummy! Also, I am starting a new "Member of the Month" contest. xxx Desirae ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-06-13: Last night I went out with my step son's girlfiend and a few of her friends.