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29 Feb

At that time, he joined Delta Tau Delta fraternity and went to Miami University European Center in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg in Europe to study.

Every year, he travels to Cincinnati to host the George Knittle Memorial Bayley Place Golf Classic, organized in the memory of his grandfather, George F.

In August 2005, Hemmer signed a contract for Fox News where he has reported several issues at the studio as well as from the sites.

From TV Newser: It’s not that Fox has some conservative bent like our critics would charge. There is no question that Sean Hannity is a conservative.

Bill O’Reilly, I think he’s a populist, but certainly when it comes to family values he’s more conservative.

William George "Bill" Hemmer was born 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Hemmer is a former executive salesman for Serta Mattresses and mother Georganne M. He earned his high school degree from Elder High School and also began a radio program with his friend while being there.

The program contained fifteen minutes of music prior to their classes.