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24 Dec

Joseph Valley 3202 Shalom Way South Bend, IN 46615 Phone: 574-233-1164 Fax: 574-288-4103 Web: Wayne, President Ben Davis, Executive Director (Ext 102) Terry Feldbaum, President Elect Brian Kordansky, Vice President Ilene New, Vice President David Ravitch, Secretary Mara Boettcher, Treasurer Charles Simon, Immediate Past President BOARD OF DIRECTORS J.Daniel Gezelter Marlene Hollenkamp Bonny Hoover Avrom Klor Lisa Lerman Yehuda Seligson Cari Shein Alon Shemesh Sorah Stein Carin Weingarten JEWISH FEDERATION ANNUAL CAMPAIGN Terry Feldbaum Annual Campaign Chair STAFF Lori De Mike, Kitchen Manager (Ext 120) Karen L.The events are stretched over a long period of time and will lead into the Holocaust Commemoration in 2016. is based on the new book by Notre Dame Professor Emeritus Dr.Vera Profit, The Devil Next Door: Toward a Literary and Psychological Definition of Human Evil (2014).

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If you are a first timer, come find me at the show and the popcorn will be on me! The Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of board members and Federation staff, has begun an extensive process of identifying our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.

Part of this process is ensuring that we provide programs, services and activities that meet the needs of our Jewish community within our resources.

Sustaining the future of the Federation requires knowing what the community needs.

May 2015 From the Executive Director’s Desk Hello Jewish Michiana, I hope everyone has had their fill of matzo and a wonderful Pesach.

It was a quiet Passover at the Federation, which gave our staff time to catch up and get ready for an incredibly busy time of year.