Moco dating site

19 Oct

Better off finding someone in person like at a workplace or school or where your both trying to do something with your lives and you can trust eachother right away.Online has never worked for me but i met girls in person where it lasted longer and was more real.I was told if I keep harassing about the MOCO GOLD my page of nearly 6 years would be deleted Mocospace is a sad place.. They only take your money and never fix problems...once a alternative to My Space and Facebook now a same sex driven no customer support virus having weird place.. it seems like once I decided to delete my account I got over ran by spam messages.. Ppl are cyberbullied on there and moco does not about it..fake profiles and protitutes It's not a dating website, but I thought I met the love of my life and she cheated on me!please let's come together and end this website once and for all.. The UK chartroom is the worst for cyber bullying and abuse, there's one user in particular called bully. I beleive this site is for people that have screwed up there life at some point in life and alot of it is scam now.

** Mocospace is hilarious - full of cyberpunks, bullies, creeps, pervs, wastoids, and losers. and AOL chat rooms of course this runs faster in 2017. The blocking feature is a joke, if you block someone through the app they can still stalk and harass you in games which you can't opt out of!

How did this get on my phone i never used or seen before!

It has my picture on there and i never uploaded it. How did this get on my phone im very very disgusted and feel extremely validated.

I rather had not known individuals like the ones I encountered on that site exist.

This entire site is corrupted and needs to be shut down. I've never encountered so many small minded individuals.