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23 Jan

I met her again at her apartment and I fucked her from behind while her son was asleep in a bed next to us.

He didnt see anything, but I made her suck my dick and swallow with him about two feet away.

The "problem" was she did it all and without question. He eventually told me that he just had to tell her he wasn't interested and move on from there.

He eventually told her that he wouldn't meet her unless she fucked one of his friends. Eventually he did and I didn't hear much about it from there.

He told me that she had mentioned that she had dated one other guy since they stopped talking.

I chatted with a few women over the years, but had never worked up the courage to actually meet one in person.

She was talking to a friend of mine and he told me about her.

Eventually he told me that she was talking to him about marriage and kids and a future together. She already had a son with another guy, who was less than a year old.

He basically saw her living off him for the rest of his life.

But she was hot, blonde, nice body, small tits, pretty face.