Moonlight dating sim 2 hacked

13 Jan

Careers.promote Gradeschool This cheat will improve a child’s school performance. Careers.demote Gradeschool This cheat will lower a child’s school performance. Careers.promote Highschool This cheat will improve a teen’s school performance. Careers.demote Highschool This cheat will lower a teen’s school performance. objects.consumables_infinite_toggle First run the command, and then buy a potion.

Place the potion on your lot and have the sim drink it.

bb.showhiddenobjects – Shows Hidden Debug Objects in Build enablefreebuild – Lets you build on Lots anywhere at any fulleditmode – Unlocks all Create A Sim features when planning an outfit, changing a hairstyle etc.casclockspeed [0–10] – Lets you decide how slow or fast will Sims move in Create A Sim.death.toggle [true/false] – Removes death in your World.freerealestate [true/false] – Makes all houses free when purchasing them.headlineeffects [on/off] – Shows/hides Plumbob, Skill Bar and Thought/Speech bubbles above your Sims.hovereffects [on/off] – Shows/hides the white outline when hovering over an Object/Sim.kaching / rosebud – Adds 1,000 Simoleons to your Household.matchspeedstereo [on/off] – Lets you decide do you want the Stereo music to match with your time speed or not.motherlode – Adds 50,000 Simoleons to your Household.resetsim [First Name] [Last Name] – Resets your Sim to a default state.

(Very useful in case your Sim gets stuck)give_satisfaction_points [number] – Adds a certain amount of Satisfaction Points to your Sim.testingcheats [true/false] – Enables certain cheats and Debug options when pressing Shift on Keyboard clicking on an Object or a Sim.

bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement – Unlocks locked Career Objects in Build moveobjects – Lets you place objects without any limitations.

Use 0 and 9 keyboard buttons to move the object up and down!

Anything in brackets [ ] or angle brackets Once you type in the cheat, in the window below the command bar it will say “Has sim id:” followed by a long number.

You only need to know the number that is generated. If you have other sims in your household you will need their Sim ID as well, as each sim has their very own Sim ID.households.autopay_bills true This cheat will autopay your household bills.households.autopay_bills false If you no longer wish to have autopay bills on, you can turn it off by changing the “true” value to “false”.

The following cheat will allow you to set your sims skill level.

The count is the amount of children you would like to have.

Example: pregnancy.force_offspring_count 1100022 3, would force my sim to have triplets.