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17 Jan

The zapateado can literally reduce even the most resistant dance floor to splinters because of the force with which it is danced.Another kind of music related to the son and intimately connected with a particular dance is the jarabe.Ronstadt came from a leading Arizona ranch family who had a long tradition of making and singing Mexican folk music.In 1987, her Canciones De Mi Padre disc was a surprise smash hit with the American public and brought Mariachi music to a level of recognition and credibility it had not seen before north of the border.By the 1930's Mariachi musicians had begun wearing the same traje de charro, consisting of a waist-length jacket and tightly fitted wool pants which open slightly at the ankle to fit over a short riding boot.Prior to the 1930's, photographs show early Mariachis dressed in calzones de manta, and huaraches, homespun white cotton pants and shirts and leather sandals, the clothes worn by most peasants in Jalisco.Mariachi music as we know it today results from the confluence of several different influences: European styled concert ensembles on haciendas composed of violins, harp, guitars, jawharps and other instruments, simpler coastal folk ensembles whose African influence gives mariachi some of its key rhythmic elements, and the harp and violin ensembles of the tierra caliente.It originated in the Mexican state of Jalisco, in the town of Cocula, in the 19th century, the first example cited in print dates from 1880.

Standard Spanish dictionaries and encyclopedias name the French word mariage (meaning wedding or marriage) as a possible origin, and date it back to the 1860s, when Maximillian of Habsburg was Emperor of Mexico.If true, this may be the source of traditional dress for mariachi bands.The mariachi tradition was further extended to a widespread mainstream audience in the United States when popular American folk rock singer Linda Ronstadt realized her dream of making a record of Mexican Canciones in 1987.The jarabe, which has many regional variations, is really a medley of dance pieces, including sones, danzas, jotas, and polkas.No discussion of Mariachi dance would be complete without mentioning the famous Jarabe Tapatio - the Mexican Hat Dance.During the 1930s, however, many mariachi took to wearing the traje de charro, consisting of a waist-length jacket and tightly fitted wool pants which open slightly at the ankle to fit over a short riding boot.Both pants and jacket are often ornamented with embroidery, intricately cut leather designs, or silver buttons in a variety of shapes.This outfit is often complemented by a large bow-tie, a wide belt and a large sombrero.It is said that General Porfirio Díaz ordered a mariachi band to wear charro suits while playing for the United States Secretary of State.Associated with Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, it has become the national dance of Mexico.It is highly stylized, with prescribed movements and costumes.