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07 Feb

Maddow does have a liberal bias, but she is more concerned with political fairness and equality than pushing an agenda.

This is by far my favorite new source and I highly recommend The Rachel Maddow Show to everyone.

TRM show can be counted on to deliver full scope reporting, exposing flaws of narrow messaging, misleading commentary, and non credible sources.

I truly enjoy her call out of Polti Fact, it is hilarious listening to the volume increase of her voice when dispelling yet another failure of their statements.

However, I would prefer a little less gloating over the more inane of the conservative analysts and politicians, and more engagement with those who are serious and cogent (e.g. I don't always agree with her perspective on some subjects, but I respect the fact that she always tries to corroborate her news facts when delivering her news stories.

Keep on Rock-It Rachel you magnificent Story Telling Journalist!