Mum dating

22 Jan

“From then on, we used Whats App as it’s free,” she joked.

In March 2017, after keeping his purchase secret, Heather had been joking around about marriage and Adam finally confessed over the phone. “Adam was telling me how much he liked me and I said, ‘Where’s the ring then? ’ And he said, ‘Well actually, I have a ring.’ “I didn’t need a big story, with him down on one knee.

“Instead he put a scribbled note on a bit of paper and shoved it through the door.” The footie player plans to tie the knot with Macdonald, 30, in a glitzy bash in Las Vegas.

He has invited some relatives but told his mum she’s not welcome in a letter that he packed in with her birthday present.

He admitted: “I really did feel like a teenager again, getting excited every time my phone went off.

When I first read her profile on eharmony there was just something about her.