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05 Mar

Wearing knee-length socks, a pleated mini-skirt or a shirt with one bare shoulder during her games, the woman dubbed the "Lady Gaga of pingpong" receives as much attention as the finest players.

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Ma Lin (worlds #4) vs Timo Boll (#3): winner beats opponent in 7th game 14-12!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/21/2010 USA Open: 5-star USATT tournament; June 29-July 3, Grand Rapids, MI.

Refunds for David Lee and Michael Jones are pending as I need player's home address.

Contact me at [email protected] you have any questions or concerns.

Each player is suspended from the USATT and all USATT activities for a period of 1 year, beginning March 1, 2010. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2/27/2010 First ever USATT sanctioned League play took place at UA Recreation Center on Friday, Feb. Twenty-six players competed in 2 (upper and lower level) divisions.

Document ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2/28/2010 New Document: UA Rec. Winners for the upper level division are: 1st - Gautam Hari, 2nd - Alex Chernobelskiy, and 3rd - Wenxin Zheng.