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08 Oct

Gender is not about being born with a penis or vagina but how we feel about ourselves, or identify with a particular group, men or women.Some people are transgender which means their gender identity is not aligned with their biological sex.We can extend this to mean that one is not born a man but becomes one, too.While a person is born with a sex, gender is dictated by socio-cultural norms in which he or she finds himself or herself.The terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are closely linked, yet they are not synonyms.There is a subtle difference between the two as stated by psychologists and anthropologists across the globe. The word sex has its root probably in Middle English which means “section” or “divide”.

No because thinking of the terms as meaning the same thing is an error.

While females have XX sex chromosomes, men have XY chromosomes.

There are some babies who are born with XO chromosomes (Tuner Syndrome) or XXY chromosomes (Klienfelter’s Syndrome).

The husband is nominally the head of the household, but the wife has considerable authority. [Source: Countries and Their Cultures ] The nuclear family tends to be more common than extended families.

Relationship are based more on relative age, generation, comparability and sex than by kinship.