Myspace impact on dating world

02 Mar

However some (such as Barry Wellman) have suggested that social capital hasn’t really declined, but has simply moved online.As our social networks are becoming increasingly more geographically fragmented, social network sites are a useful way for us to keep in touch and seek social contact with our friends.I believe social networking technology has changed our lives for the better, but at a cost.

However, tools that enable us to engage in online self-presentation and connect with others will be increasingly part of our social and professional landscape, as social network sites continue to be embraced by businesses, non-profits, civic groups, and political organizations that value the connections these tools support.

We will continue to see these trends grow as social networking features are employed for fun, profit, and social good.

Social technologies never have predictable and absolute positive or negative effects, which is why social scientists dread questions like these.

And there will come a time when we’ll hold all our meetings on the Web, have truly immersive face-to-face video conversations, and experience a fusion of our real and cyber worlds when Second Life becomes second nature. While all humans need to feel connected to each other or to some cause, there are also times when we simply want to disconnect, and disconnecting is becoming increasingly hard thanks to social networking technology.

As one who was bitten early by the Blackberry bug, I can attest that the pull of these wireless electronic leashes is often too strong to resist.