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23 Oct

Finally, he is released when his alibi checks out and the real getaway truck is found, and the bank’s insurance company tells him that, if he should happen to run across the stolen money, they will pay a 25% reward.

As he’s released, the proud Rolfe, a Bronze Star- and Purple Heart-winning soldier accustomed to hardship, sees that he's lost his job, he's broke and everything he's worked for since he got out of prison is ruined.

Rolfe catches Romano searching his room and, after Rolfe beats him and he submits, the two men identify each other as gang members and agree to cooperate until the money is split.

In the meantime, Rolfe has met Helen and likes her.

A nameless, ruthless man (Preston Foster) who identifies himself as Mr.

Big is timing to the minute the arrival of two trucks.

Foster, seeing his plan threatened, tells Helen he doesn’t want to return, but will consider her proposal.

She then shocks him by telling that she’s met Peter Harris and likes him.

He has selected them because each has a reason for fleeing the US. Big’s complex plan, which appears to be an ordinary robbery but is much more.

They tease each other, with Helen threatening to cross-examine him because he will not tell her much about himself.

Later, Rolfe meets Foster and tells him he can’t join the poker game because he’s taking Helen to dinner.

Finding Harris, Rolfe follows him to his hotel room and, finding the mask Harris wore, beats him into revealing the Mexican resort of Barados as the gang’s meeting place.

He tells Harris, “I'm moving blind, but I got you for a bird dog to point the way as we go along.” At the airport, waiting for the flight to Barados, the police recognize Harris and, thinking he is reaching for a gun, kill him.