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18 Jan

Or perhaps it’ll be pushed to, say, spring 2015, which would suggest it’s more of a indie art film (which might be its best case scenario). Ritchie’s film hopes to spawn a six-picture franchise. Focus Features are feeling good about two of their upcoming films.

One is “A Monster Calls,” by “The Impossible” filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona.

‘Jane’ made unwanted headlines last year when director Lynne Ramsay exited/was almost fired from the project a few days into filming.

At that moment, she spotted by Dan (Jude Law), who appears on this same London street, walking toward her, also in slow motion.

Andrew Lauren Productions will assist in financing the film.

Lauren himself said, “I was mesmerized by the scope of vision of Brady’s first film The Childhood of a Leader. His work is more reminiscent of a Sergei Eisenstein or Fritz Lang.

Once a Black List script so hot, Alfonso Cuarón almost considered it his “Gravity” follow-up, the fantasy drama has been set for an October 14, 2016 release date (which is probably closer in spirit to Halloween release dates than it is Oscar bait, but we’ll see).

Sounding much more awards friendly is “Theory Of Everything,” James Marsh’s (“Man on Wire”) Stephen Hawking biopic starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Emily Watson and David Thewlis. And while the Focus/Film District merger of last year had many assuming Focus would move in a much more mainstream direction (as was the intention), both these films definitely still feel like they are still in the spirit of what Focus did best; the mid-budgeted studio picture both of genre and awards-friendly descent.