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12 Mar

Sure, there were a few good games that got in through greenlight, but those would almost certainly have been able to make it on steam anyway.New Releases tab has been useless since like 2012 or whenever.Smarter business would be raping privacy, shoving ads down your throat, and just generally capitalizing on the fact that most of your customers cant leave because they have a 00 library they won't throw away for a "cause."Their problem lies on issues with scalability vs providing a good customer experience.This is why they outsource to the general gaming public.They have streamlined every game of theirs and every aspect of the Steam client.They've been using the community to make content and then they sell it back to them.Let me tell you, most f2p stuff is better than that paid shit, where for rpgs its 90% rpg maker with no mechanics changed, just new portraits maybe You don't remember all those services creators used for placing ads in loading screens? Of course ad money didn't make these people rich, and if you consider time as a cost then it may not have been profitable either, but saying "there was no thought of monetization" is pushing it imo.A hands off private company is much better than a shareholder firm owning the distribution platform. But nothing from them is better for gaming than anything from the shareholder owned firms. Sales have been mediocre for years now and we don't even own the virtual games we buy.

You can still search for and buy Windows-only games if you do this. What actually happened is the market got flooded by individual game devs living in their parents' basement to the benefit of few with zero artistic talent and 1 year of computer science classes under their belt, if any. If the fee was higher, like say the 00 instead of 0 I 100% wouldn't have released this game on Steam because I simply didn't think the game was good enough to make the amount needed back.Digital distribution has only made evident and enforceable the license terms that always were there.I think the reason it's better is because it's not smart business.This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free online dating games.Visit sites like,, New, Dating, Games,, One Online, and y8for even more choices!This made it very easy for cash grab unity asset games, fake games, etc...Get on steam without having to jump through the professional hurdles put in place that usually weeded out that sort of stuff from appearing on Steam. Unfortunately, they also apparently got rid of a lot of those hurdles and now just about any 'indie' Dev can get their game on Steam.Literally the least amount of effort for the largest amount of money. Doesn't mean we have to like it and pretend Valve hasn't changed. You've always been bound by the licensing terms when buying a software.Don't mistake inability to enforce the license terms with ownership, which is a pretty common misconception.But if there's one thing that development requires, it's time.Yeah, I browse f2p new releases and rpg new releases quite often.