Nishikido ryo dating rumors

12 Oct

According to a showbiz representative, "I actually saw Yui Aragaki dining with a female friend at an Okinawan restaurant along Nakasendo in summer last year.Everyone, including the restaurant staff chose not to pay too much attention because she was there for private reasons, but Aragaki started talking as if she didn't care about her surroundings."She also said that she wanted to settle down with someone who can live in Okinawa, more than ending up with someone who's her type.

Probably comes with being a Johnny and having as his contemporaries his boyband mates, plus the guys in , Ryo and Gakki are simply perfect together. That’s a bromance a decade long that is worth memorializing in a post.Yui Aragaki and Ryo Nishikido were reported to have been in a relationship by a tabloid in March last year.Not much has been heard afterwards as both were busy with their own projects like dramas and commercials, but Aragaki has apparently already announced to the people around her that she has stopped seeing Nishikido.Mao-chan actually has had rumors with both Oguri Shun and Matsuda Shota too, and she's close friends with Shun also..of course they're not dating because Shun is currently with Yamada this doesn't just apply to Mao & Jun but for everyone, we're never gonna know for sure if they are a couple or just friends only so for all we know they could be we can never make solid assumptions.i personally like them together and there may not be any "solid evidence" but they're are many similarities and coincidences between the two ^ Again, like you say, it's all ASSUMPTIONS and guesses, no one really knows the truth about them..many "couples", it was never true..with such a popular couple like Junmao, it's all filled with guesses & assumptions, their fans keep on guessing, and wishing or hoping that they are together.But there's no solid evidence to prove they are dating, just full of assumptions...although some hardcore Junmao fans are already believing they're dating, despite the fact that there's no real evidence to prove it.She however continues, 'I still want people to recognize me as an actress so I won't lose!'."A showbiz writer reports: "Gakky absolutely hates standing out, and she got really depressed when a tabloid published her picture.i think the management feels that it spoils their image and appeal if idols are open about the fact that they have a relationship...that true???if it is...i feel bad for the guys ^ Aww that is sooo cute!!! I just finished watching Crows Zero and fell in love with Sosuke Takoaka. Saeko (Nodame Cantabile's Chibi-chan) and baseball player Darvish Yu.. x D Sakai Ayana and Tetsu (Laruku's bassist) Oishi Megumi and Hyde (Laruku's alluring and hot vocalist.biased, sorry..) Miyavi and melody.Tomonori Jinnai and Norika Fujiwara no, there's no REAL "evidence" suggesting that Jun & Mao are dating, only their fans WANT to consider them as "evidence".These Junmao rumors are so old, have been going on since HYD, but there has NEVER been any solid 'evidence' to prove they're dating...their hardcore fans simply have taken what they see and blowing them out of proportion.