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15 Sep

Some attributes are specific to a View object (for example, Text View supports the attribute).

And, other attributes are considered "layout parameters," which are attributes that describe certain layout orientations of the View object, as defined by that object's parent View Group object.

Extend this class with SQLite Open Helper to manage database creation and version management. – update User :- update user in database on the basis of user id. The code will create validation methods for input field. package com.androidtutorialshub.loginregister.helpers; import

The accepted measurement types are defined in the Available Resources document. The latter returns the top, or Y, coordinate of the rectangle representing the view.

An ID need not be unique throughout the entire tree, but it should be unique within the part of the tree you are searching (which may often be the entire tree, so it's best to be completely unique when possible). This subclass contains property types that define the size and position for each child view, as appropriate for the view group.

As you can see in figure 2, the parent view group defines layout parameters for each child view (including the child view group). Visualization of a view hierarchy with layout parameters associated with each view Note that every Layout Params subclass has its own syntax for setting values.

Many Layout Params also include optional margins and borders.

You can specify width and height with exact measurements, though you probably won't want to do this often.