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22 Nov

It now states that “supervisors cannot date subordinates under any circumstances because it can compromise the ability to enforce the sexual harassment policy.” Some agencies are leaving their dating policies intact but changing their sexual harassment policies instead.The Jun Group just updated its employee handbook to include additional examples of what sexual harassment can look like.

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“We’ve been thinking about adding a dating policy,” said one HR director at an independent ad agency, who requested anonymity.The first time he asked her out, she turned him down politely and told him she had a boyfriend. Wadella's experience is one of many brought to light in the era of the #Me Too movement, a national reckoning that has exposed transgressions by powerful people and brought down media personalities, Hollywood giants and government officials.Its effect on everyday employers hasn't been as clear, but the heightened focus on workplace equity may force employers to revisit their efforts to prevent harassment.At Interpublic Group agencies, such as The Martin Agency, R/GA and Mc Cann, all employees are supposed to abide by a code of conduct that threatens “disciplinary action” if employees do not report a relationship where one party has authority over another, according to an IPG spokesperson.The spokesperson said fears about sexual harassment “absolutely” play into the policy.Barbarian agency not only has a dating policy everyone signs and reads, but it also has a lawyer come in every six months to speak to the agency about sexual harassment in the workplace and how supervisors should not date subordinates. This past Monday, RPA held a training around sexual harassment for all its officers that went over best practices for dating in the office. At Los Angeles-based independent agency Dailey, “the expectation is that things be handled professionally and that it be nondisruptive,” said Heidi Williams, svp and director of HR there.It’s a similar case at independent agency RPA, said Laura Small, vp and human resources director at RPA.(The agency wouldn’t say which examples it’s adding.) Ad agencies can seem like breeding grounds for relationships.Employees work long hours, work closely together in small teams and attend lots of parties where alcohol is abundant. Other times, such an environment can lead to what one junior agency employee calls a “cesspool.” This person said several fellow employees have dated each other, and everyone is aware of it.