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23 Nov

The behavior of the user is for example analyzed by logfile-analysis, cookies or clickstream-analysis.

Market researchers can also use blogs, for example, to inform about the users opinion.

Online market research shares the same goal as traditional market research - to gather as much knowledge/information about a target audience, product or target market as possible: because of its velocity, high research performance and internationalization, online market research is still on advance.

Like market research, online market research aimed as well getting as much knowledge your target group, product or market.

Archives are collections of original unpublished, historical and contemporary material – in other words, primary sources.

Before you go to any archival collection on campus you can save time and effort if you first: Please remember that not all primary sources are located in archives.

Examples include: scholarly or popular books and articles, reference books, and textbooks.

For example search engines, databases or information sites.

Some possible types of sources: Finding Background Information Gather the information you have about your topic and consider what you still need to know before you start researching.

You can use this information in searching for primary sources. Search Oski Cat You can limit your Oski Cat search to find materials at the Bancroft Library, instead of all campus libraries (choose "Bancroft Library" from the pulldown menu that says "Entire Collection.").

Online surveys have different advantages such as the possibility of a comfortable, program-controlled filtering error or the access to a target group that is difficult to reach offline (e.g. But there are also existing different disadvantages such as the missing possibility to control the situation of the survey (similar to normal surveys, researchers can check the time to fill out the survey.

If it is far below the average, the researcher has to take into consideration that the infomation provided might not be as sufficient as surveys provided by other members of the group) Via online observation, market researchers basically examine the reaction of users about companies, organizations, products or services.