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20 Oct

There was enhanced surveillance related to these vaccines and significant promotion about the importance of reporting adverse events following immunisation.While health professionals are encouraged to report suspected adverse events directly to the TGA, they can also report to the sponsor or manufacturer.The TGA particularly encourages reporting of: For further information about reporting suspected adverse events, visit the TGA website (click on 'Report a Problem').Sponsors of all medicines and vaccines on the ARTG have mandatory reporting requirements regarding adverse events.

Medical officers review serious reports and branch staff regularly analyse reporting data to identify potential safety signals.

The functions of ACSOM were consolidated into the Advisory Committee for Medicines on 1 January 2017.

Following a recommendation from the government's Review of the management of adverse events associated with Panvax and Fluvax in 2012 'to consider the current governance arrangements for monitoring and responding to vaccine safety issues in Australia and make recommendations for an improved system of governance for vaccine safety monitoring', the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Vaccines (ACSOV) was established in the Therapeutic Goods Regulations.

By the end of 2016 there were approximately 329,000 reports of suspected adverse events in the database.

Figure 1: Origin of medicine and vaccine adverse events received by the TGA (2012-16) In 2016 the TGA received approximately 17,000 reports of adverse events.