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19 Oct

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It’s an open question why anna-senpai released the source code for Mirai, but it’s unlikely to have been an altruistic gesture: Miscreants who develop malicious software often dump their source code publicly when law enforcement investigators and security firms start sniffing around a little too close to home.

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“When I first go in DDo S industry, I wasn’t planning on staying in it long,” Anna-senpai wrote.The malware, dubbed “Mirai,” spreads to vulnerable devices by continuously scanning the Internet for Io T systems protected by factory default or hard-coded usernames and passwords.Vulnerable devices are then seeded with malicious software that turns them into “bots,” forcing them to report to a central control server that can be used as a staging ground for launching powerful DDo S attacks designed to knock Web sites offline.And they are all interested in meeting a good western man, a man just like you. A China girl is generally physically attractive, usually slender, often petite, rarely obese, and tends towards being graceful and delicate.She tends to take care of herself, her dress and her appearance!In the days since the record 620 Gbps DDo S on Krebs On, this author has been able to confirm that the attack was launched by a Mirai botnet.As I wrote last month, preliminary analysis of the attack traffic suggested that perhaps the biggest chunk of the attack came in the form of traffic designed to look like it was generic routing encapsulation (GRE) data packets, a communication protocol used to establish a direct, point-to-point connection between network nodes.The source code that powers the “Internet of Things” (Io T) botnet responsible for launching the historically large distributed denial-of-service (DDo S) attack against Krebs On Security last month has been publicly released, virtually guaranteeing that the Internet will soon be flooded with attacks from many new botnets powered by insecure routers, IP cameras, digital video recorders and other easily hackable devices.The leak of the source code was announced Friday on the English-language hacking community Hackforums.For more on what we can and must do about the dawning Io T nightmare, see the second half of this week’s story, The Democratization of Censorship. points to some of the hardware makers whose default-insecure products are powering this Io T mess.This entry was posted on Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at pm and is filed under Other.