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TBH, I find 'gender variants' one of the more troubling ideas to come out of SJW's playbook.It bothers me because, as far as I can tell, much of the time these gender variants only serve to reinforce the stereotypes that SJW are supposed to be against.It's not clear to me what the third gender is supposed to be, either in this society or other societies; as far as I can tell, it appears to be more along the lines of acting outside of socially accepted roles, or adopting roles and behaviours from other gender roles.Yet I hold the view that these gender roles are constructed and not really 'real' in the same way gender identity is--so why do SJW seem so keen in keeping them around and enforcing them, then labeling people who break out of gender roles as belonging to a 'third gender/sex'?And I frankly find it bizarre that these SJW/modern feminists/etc would endorse such a view. The variant of that being when people like Melissa Mcewan accuse women that act as you to be doing it from attention from men.Edit: I should say that I'm not trying to suggest that trans people don't exist, rather, it seems to me that many of these third gender or non-binary genders tend to boil down to things like the sorts of activities the person is interested in, and/or sexual orientation, although I could be miss-understanding what they're supposed to be. Which is in fact actually slut shaming but don't you dare try to tell them. It really angers me that they teach stuff like this in universities. Even discussions held in small class sessions all the questions are presented in a biased way so there's one right answer.Like the idea that women should wear dresses or skirts, and not wear pants.Or the idea that women's place is in the kitchen.

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), but a temperature-controlled enclosed storage area, much like how one stores wine.Those things are not, in my mind 'feminine'; being a rough, play-in-the-mud girl doesn't make you less of a woman, or mean you're some sort of third sex.Similarly, a sensitive, caring man does not make that person a third sexed individual either. I'm sure it's a 'privilege' thing. People outside the norm want to be included, which is fair enough, but it's been twisted around so that if you're inside the bounds of 'normal' then you can't be included in the 'we want everyone to be included' set.The problem I'm having is that (and it's completely possible I'm miss-understanding this and I'll be happy to be corrected) is that people like those represented in these posters don't make that separation.If you're a girl who likes to dive into cars and start mucking around with their engines, then maybe you're not quite a girl--you're some sort of third gender/sex.Transition is not exactly speedy and quick for most of us. It often tears your life apart as you try and rebuild something from the pieces.It's also usually terrifying on multiple fronts.This is why my policy towards trans people is, "if you tell me that you're a man or a woman, I have no reason to not believe you, unless I do have a reason to not believe you." It allows me to avoid trying to create rules about what it means to be trans, without having to accept obvious deceptions.Also, philosophy confuses me, and I don't like that.In the first class the teacher told us that we think Africa is poorer than the US because the western media portrays Africa in such a way.In the next day, Africa was actually poorer than the US, but this means nothing, since they are good in other stuff, like being in touch with nature. Next class: Western documentaries portray people from poor countries as simple, but happy people who are in touch with nature. (Let's forget that you told us in the last class how people from poor countries are exactly like this and therefore more developed than us.)...