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24 Oct

"But for many of us, a fearful imagination isolates us from a soul whom we could deeply love." Recognize if you are slowing things down (or building barriers) because you are afraid to be vulnerable. Regardless of your reasons for choosing to extend the pace, you can go too slow, cautions Joe Siegler, president of the Full Life Centers in Chicago. When the 'slow' is not supporting the courtship going forward," he says.

Look to your past dating history for patterns, or ask a trusted friend or relative what trends they see in your love life. "When even kissing is completely avoided after multiple dates, or avoiding intimacy is clearly the behavior—one has to ask, is it slow or avoidance?

Sometimes, we say we want to "take it slow" because we're afraid.

We over-think the situation in an attempt to protect ourselves from getting hurt.

"Over-thinking kills your good instincts, your spontaneity, your common sense and your willingness to risk," says Sam Laing, author of The Five Senses of Romantic Love, and an evangelist at the Athens Church of Christ in Georgia.

"And you've got to take a risk with love." If someone is profoundly flawed in character or you don't get along, then he or she probably isn't right for you, Laing allows.

But, college is, like the anonymous sophomore said, about taking care of yourself or at least learning how to be independent.

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Finding the right pace — and knowing when you're using caution as a crutch — is the key to nurturing a new romance.

If you're feeling scared, get out the road map to your emotions and find your way to a better place.

If you're really enjoying the ride, sit back and let the journey come to you.

Taking things at a leisurely (but healthy) pace can be a great way to enhance the dating process.

"It's a winning courtship strategy in many respects," Siegler says.