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30 Jan

Their ages were not revealed but I would assume that they're in their late 30's or early 40's.

Robin also delivered a funny line that I swore I'd memorize and write down. When he was strolling one evening in the town plaza and he saw the town bullies beating up the town gays, he approached them and tried to stop it, but one of the bullies hit him in the process.

See full summary » Two women who are unrelated and have never met but very much alike found their lives intertwined when people close to them mistook them for one another. See full summary » Three high school students each has their own personal dilemmas that affected their lives and education. Sonia Marasigan (Alice Dixson), with her unorthodox way of teaching became the student's model, mentor, counselor and friend.

The story of a woman (Susan Henson) orphaned at a young age by her mother who works as a prostitute.

I was kept guessing where the movie was shot though.

Moreover, Manuel was Lynette's crush since grade school and when she mistakenly mistook a question posed by Manuel as a wedding proposal, she hurried off home and announced that she's getting married to Manuel.

Blame me for being not nationalistic but I really don't like watching Filipino movies.

If ever I do watch one, it's because it's really good and highly recommended--and that's quite a few.

However, Edwin is being sent away to manage their provincial plant by his father Don Lauro (Eddie Garcia) to stop the impending unsuitable match.

Lynette (Sharon Cuneta) is a conservative and religious lady who leads a boring life.