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26 Dec

We've been made so influenced and diverse that sometimes I think the only one truly local and untouched dress we have are those that we call "bahag", worn by the first inhabitants and native Filipinos.There are currently about 82 different provinces present in the island of the Philippines.See how vast nature has blessed us with widely covered natural and marine & aquatic resources. , we also want you to know about how you can enjoy life if you retire in the Philippines and your choices of where best to stay in old age like the cool places of stands and serves its people and the laws that govern the land and us, the Filipinos (otherwise called Pinoys) in our society.If you are up for business ventures, we have business ideas in the Philippines that would enlighten you with how wise it is to invest in our current secure climate and how online development and availability has greatly influenced the living standards of Pinoys here and abroad.and go nature tripping or a balikbayan welcoming your hometown once more or would like to see a choice of diversity in other provinces or an alien on our land looking to be fascinated to learn the diverse , tradition and celebration months.

The first songs we've learned still somehow linger in the lips of our ancestors, our great great great grand fathers and mothers and we can still hear them in some areas in the province and Manila from our parents.These beautiful and diverse long coastlines were usually where you will find tourists flocking during summer months in the country (March - June) yearly.We have listed these tourist spots so visitors and local Pinoys may know 1001 reasons why they must visit the whole Philippines first before going abroad to have fun.Know more about Philippines and create your own image of what it is all about more than just the word of mouth you heard or read pertaining to this beautiful land and why we say that certainly, "It's More Fun In The Philippines!" or why many who've come won't leave without saying - Wow! Yes, our country is a beauty in diversified forms of joy from the people, the culture, and language, culture, agriculture and more., an agricultural country in the East via our family's interesting experiences.A review of everything we know about this wonderful island consisting of more or less 7,100 islets.That is what we've gone used to in terms of and I must say up to this new generation in 2014, Pinoys still go to shamans and "manghihilot" and yes, to the traditions of holistic healing where most who don't have the money to spend for hospitals find refuge and cure with naturopathists in the likes of Dr. From traditional hilot to the use of herbs and plants to remedy and cure common illness to naturopathy practice and use of unique techniques in diagnosing the health of a person, name it, Filipinos have it.Diverse as it is, the can be traced with what the country has undergone in terms of colonization in the early times of pre-war.The list goes on and on and one can only admit that Pinoys do really love to celebrate and enjoy it as Catholics, Muslims and other religions and sects alike.During these celebration in summer months, many tourists flock and visit the country for early Our country is know to have a diversified set of food and exotic delicacies in Asia.