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11 Mar

These normally soft-spoken and courteous souls can suddenly short circuit you with the most amazing statements and actions at the most unpredictable times.The typical Uranian is half Albert Schweitzer and half Mickey Mouse.Subtrope of Sleeper Hit; in this case, the work must be actively derided before release, not just ignored. See also Magnum Opus Dissonance when it's the creator who doesn't expect the work to succeed.

Join the crowd and toss your ego in the wastebasket, or his coolly impersonal approach will be sure to bruise it.The hair is frequently straight and silky, likely to be blonde, sandy or light brown; the complexion is pale and the height is usually taller than average (thougiythe ascendant can modify the appearance of any Sun sign). Uranus features are finely chiseled, suggestive of Roman emperors cut on old gold coins.True Aquarians will often adopt the pose of the drooping head when they're thinking about a problem, or just after they've asked a question. Children make wishes on them, artists paint them, dreamers chase them, but the Aquarian is ahead of everybody. What's more, he's taken it apart and examined it, piece by piece, color by color, and he still believes in it.It isn't easy to believe in something after you know what it's really like, but the Aquarian is essentially a realist, even though his address is tomorrow, with a wild-blue-yonder zip code.Like the bewildered Alice, taken through the maze of Wonderland by Aquarian Lewis Carroll, you'll have to be constantly prepared for the unexpected with Uranians.Generally kindly and tranquil by nature, Aquarians nevertheless enjoy defying public opinion, and they secretly delight in shocking more conventional people with occasional erratic conduct.I would do double vaginal penetration or have gangbangs to save the time. Be it Fat, old or ugly, I would never turn them down. I never even asked them if they had STDs as it would be discriminatory against them. “Do me with your bare cock or leave.” I would tell them. They were more than happy to get a chance to feel a young, raw, pussy with their cocks.I would beg them to cum inside me and they did it happily. For customers who couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) pay after fucking my brains out, I never asked for money from them.I could easily claim more payment from my customers. Instead, I gave them extras, like fucking the customers’ friends for free or swallowing their cum for without taking the extra cash, other girls would ask for.Instead, I started taking customers like crazy to earn more money.