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23 Jan

Agents also facilitate the relationship between an author and their editor.

In return, agents take a percentage of an author’s advance and royalties Metadata: bibliographic data of every book (price, publication date, format) and the data we type into our systems to help optimise the chance of readers finding your book in online searches.

Intellectual Property Rights are the protections granted to the creators of intellectual property (including authors) by the law Imprint: the name of the publishing unit under which a book is published.

Each publishing house will be made up of several different imprints, often specialising in particular genres or interest areas.

Broadly, all books fall into three genres – fiction, non-fiction or children’s books but there are also sub-genres within these, for example business within non-fiction, or crime & thriller within fiction House: Penguin Random House, and many other publishers, are made up of smaller companies which operate independently called ‘houses’. Each one is in turn made up of several publishing imprints (see below) ISBN number: the unique identifying number for a particular book. paperback/ hardback/ e-book) will have a different ISBN IP/ Intellectual Property: books are protected as intellectual property, a bit like a trademark or patent.

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Proofs can be very simple with blank covers but closer to publication they may look more like a ‘real’ book.

They are often sent to journalists and bloggers to review, as well as to retailers Publication Date: often referred to as ‘pub date’, this is the date when a book can first be sold to the public.