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03 Nov

Your sleeve length has to hit exactly at your wrist bone.Try not to wear capri’s, they cut your calves midway, shortening the legs.You CAN and SHOULD drag the items from both departments so you can try them on at the same time, in one dressing room! There are no department police that are going to tell you to back off!

This can be extra challenging because in many department stores the petite and regular departments might be miles from one another, even on different floors!The trick to monochromatic dressing is to keep each silhouette crisp and tailored. Choose high-waist skirts or pants to create the illusion you’re taller by elongating your lower body.Always be sure to make the elevated waist visible by tucking in a well fitting blouse, or opting for a slightly shorter top.Shop for longer necklaces that drape down your front.Use accessories that draw the eye up and down as opposed to congregating widely around your neckline.Be sure not to defer to draping as that can sometimes accentuate the liability.Blazer shoulder seams need to fit perfectly so you don’t look like you have hand-me-downs.If you have great legs, a higher hemline will make your lovely legs look even longer.Asymmetrical hems will work in your favor, as your legs will look as long as the shortest point on a skirt or a dress. Tops with deeper V necklines give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso and a longer neck!Let’s begin with opening your wardrobe, mixing things up, visiting your tailor and maybe perusing for a few accessories to create the illusion. As a petite person, it’s crucial that your clothing fits properly.All of your clothing and accessories must be kept in proportion with your figure, not allowing any one thing to overpower you.