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01 Feb

Tax Write-Off: Cell Phone Bill If you use a cell phone as part of your business, this could be a big deduction for you.

So don't make the mistake of mixing business with pleasure by sneaking too many personal calls onto your cell phone bill.

"But I think she's been taking it pretty well."In fairness to Cramer's daughter, Julia, the data debacle seems to be a huge mistake.

Julia is an honor student who works with children with special needs.

These charges are for third party services which means your telco is allowing another provider to sell content to you which you pay for on your phone bill.

For many small businesses with multiple mobile phone accounts, these small charges can easily go unnoticed, as they are often only identified by the business manager looking closely at pages of monthly phone bills.Tax Write-Off: Home Office Home office deductions used to be a big red flag for an audit back in the 1990s.These days, you just need to use the deduction with caution. "Anything that's unusual and disproportionate to your level of income is something the IRS will check out," Alvin Brown says.Download: Telstra admitted that over 100,000 of its customers were misled over third party charges by its Premium Billing service.Yesterday, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) launched proceedings against the telco giant, alleging that Telstra made false or misleading representations to consumers rega...At Our, we honor the freedom, wisdom and appreciation for life that only comes with time.If you’re an i Phone user who lives in a house with lots of Wi-Fi dead zones, you should really think about turning off the Wi-Fi Assist feature that automatically switches your data over to your carrier’s LTE network if your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong.There’s also an even better argument to be made that carriers should just abolish overage fees like this and throttle users’ speeds down to lower tiers if they reach their monthly limits.However, it’s also fair to criticize Apple for making Wi-Fi Assist an opt-out setting that many users don’t even know is enabled by default on their devices.This meant that every video he watched or song he listened to through his phone while in his room went right to his monthly data limits.Now, there’s a good argument here that Finegold really should have taken notice when he received a warning text from his carrier.