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05 Oct

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.So the vast majority ladies will upload 10-20 pictures, and then either fill in their profile with "????????The women with positive male role models in their lives will know how to treat men and accept that it takes two to make a relationship..the one's who have been brought up without a father figure in the picture, will only know what they have been taught by society and other females, so a lot has to do with upbringing and issues with men being created at a young age by influential adult females, who play the victim card and brand all men as bad. Because if you get so frustrated by a couple of profiles that you will exaggerate the data and then feel the need to start a thread, then maybe you are not as intellectual as you may have thought. IME, the profile tells quite a bit about the user and I used this to weed out the incompatible when I was still active on the dating part of this website. Men do this as well --- the shirtless, bathroom pics- the 'see my toys' pics (with cars/boats/planes/motorcycles)- the 'will fill this in later'.... Is it just because women in their 20's are still too young to realize their privilege in the realm of dating or what??It's a "you get what you give" or "likes attract likes" situation here. It has to be the MOST confusing thing about using sites like POF for me.

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What are women there looking for in your age group? Continue to use POF for free, pass over the empty profiles, pay them no never mind, and choose a "Pay for" site, best suited to meet your needs.We know gals smooch with their pets, but it ain't really a guy thing.I think that a LOT of people are missing the biggest clues about this.I can't say the ones with the poorly filled out profiles are ALL immature, but some are.Others might not know what to put, so they put nothing in the hopes their pictures will be enough.No What they are doing is working just fine for them Prolly some have nothing simply to discourage some men from messaging them No double standard at all Free site and all LATER not lattertranscendingthesound, It's not an age thing and the majority of females profiles have very little written in them..they think they will get by without writing anything, but all they end up doing is attracting the wrong guys, because they are being judged solely on looks and not their brains..silly list of demands highlights their issues and the phrase no players highlights their previous bad choices, but they won't take responsibility for those mistakes, learn from them, forgive themselves and not judge all men as the same..something is broke it needs fixing and clearly a lot of women on these dating sites are broken... You simply don't see it because men's profiles are not what you are looking at.I wonder if they are copy and paste profiles, because most of them seem to have the same generic no players, no married, I enjoy holidays, using credit cards, I work hard and I play hard, Glass half empty, my children come first, blah, blah, only learn about the negative and nothing about the positives about these types of women, because the negatives are what make's them tick, they need a list of things to complain about and play the victim card every single time. I'm not trying to be nasty it's a legitimate question.Is it just because women in their 20's are still too young to realize their privilege in the realm of dating or what??It has to be the MOST confusing thing about using sites like POF for me.transcendingthesound- A lot of girls your age are not as mature as you are.These types are not for you, you already know that, hence your frustration.You have two options:1) View as many profiles as your time allows.