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He states that is was never Spalding's "intention to create a false religion by anything that he wrote." A close reading of Chapter 8 of the c. I gleaned from him and the records in his possession, the following items: He was present when the preface to the Book of Commandments was given, and says that Sidney Rigdon wrote it down as it was doctated by Joseph.1812 Spalding story on file in the Oberlin College archives, along with the undated Spalding draft letter preserved along with that manuscript story, may convince any student of the subject that Solomon Spalding was very much interested in the potentially positive effects of contrived religion upon the lives of "the great mass of the people" who piously believed in "their happy delusions." Editor Herald: -- In August last I left home to attend the Semi-Annual Conference, appointed to convene near Council Bluffs, Iowa... A committee had been appointed to draft a preface, consisting of himself, O.Joseph Miller provided a fourth account for publication in Feb. Finally, he wrote a fifth account, also in 1882, but it was not published until 1890.Note 2: The essence of the 1881 Joseph Miller interview is reproduced in Chapter 10 of Sarah Jane (Harris) Kiefer's Genealogical and Biographical Sketches of the New Jersey Branches of the Harris Family in the United States (Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Company, 1888). Miller died 12 April 1885, aged ninety-five years." An 1882 reprint of this article may be found on pp.

Some people think if they can only make it appear that Joseph's life and character were not perfect, and that he had human weaknesses, that it would prove that he was not a prophet; yet the same persons will believe that Moses who killed the Egyptian, and David, who had Uriah killed, and who took a multitude of wives, and Solomon who was a polygamist and idolator; and Peter, who lied and cursed, &c., were all prophets, and should behonored and respected. I have heard some things; these I know nothing about.He is careful in his speech, for he studies to express himself in such a way as not to be misunderstood; and it hurts him to be misrepresented.A reporter called to see him some time ago, asked a few questions, and went off and published that he had denied his testimony concerning the truth of the Book of Mormon.He said to the correspondent during his stay that as he neared the grave, with but one breath between him and heaven, he hoped that last breath might carry a message that would prevent people from being led into Mormonism, that [most] seductive delusion of the devil. Miller, "and I would not cast a shadow upon his memory, for it never was his intention to create a false religion by anything that he wrote.I attended him through his last illness, and when death called him from the earth, I, with my own hands, made the coffin that contained his sleeping ashes. This interview was apparently first published in and unidentified newspaper (the "Times") on or about Dec.Joseph Miller, Sr., now in his 92d year, with whom the Times correspondent has just had an interview. Miller, is an Elder in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and a man of unimpeachable veracity. Solomon Spaulding, the author of the "Book of Mormon," he quickly turned, and his face brightened as his mind ran back to the events of the past, and he said, with considerable emphasis: "I most certainly do." "Did you ever read a copy of the work? He said that about 1812, Spaulding came to Amity, a small village about five miles from his present home, where he kept a hotel; that Spaulding was in delicate health, and that he (Miller) often spent his evenings at his home. Spaulding would bring out a large roll of papers, and read select portions of their contents to amuse us of evenings.He told me that he wrote it for a novel, and intended to have it published as a means of support for his family.In Chicago I was joined by our excellent brother, George A. Cowdery and, I think, Sidney Rigdon, but when they made their report, the "Conference picked it all to pieces." The Conference then requested Joseph to enquire of the Lord about it, and he said that he would if the people would bow in prayer with him. When they arose, Joseph dictated by the Spirit the preface found in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants while sitting bt a window of the room in which the conference was sitting; and Sidney Rigdon wrote it down. Here we met David Whitmer, Junior, eldest son of David Whitmer, Senior. Is kind hearted and is a firm believer in the Book of Mormon and in the testimony borne by his father concerning it.Joseph would deliver a few sentences and Sidney would write them down, then read them aloud, and if correct, then Joseph would proceed and deliver more, and by this process the preface was given. We were soon on the way to Richmond, Ray County, to visit David Whitmer, one of the witnesses. After breakfast we called on David Whitiner, Senior, meeting him just outside of his residence, and introducing ourselves.This hurt him so, that he is very careful now, to have some known friends present when strangers call to see him.This accounts for the presence of others when we were there.