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23 Nov

Sherry often incorporates video into her training, affording a client the opportunity to view ‘befores’ and ‘afters’.Video, she says, is the only way for us to see ourselves as the world does. “You only have one chance to make a first impression!She is President of Breathless Video Productions, LLC.Based in South Florida, her international video company shoots anywhere in the world!This is extra insurance that the valet will find your car quickly — if necessary they can use the remote to locate your car by flashing the lights or sounding the horn. Another good reason to follow the instructions of #8 – and offer a bigger tip for the inconvenience.

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It is a form of courtship, consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others.In the business arena, “One of the most common complaints I hear from HR Personnel and Managers is that many employees seem ill prepared or underequipped to work as a team.Life Skills training can help.” Sherry coined the phrases Public (and Private) Persona Optimization℠, meaning that if you practice certain techniques long enough in order to maximize your public perception, eventually those techniques and changes become a natural part of who you are, thus optimizing your private persona.She loves children and can often be seen in the middle of the floor with kids and teens of all ages, participating with them, instead of staring down at them.In addition to Etiquette, Sherry is a Writer and Video Producer and has produced Commercials, Infomercials, Corporate Video, and shot Elite Weddings.Valet parking is a welcome service that adds a touch of convenience into a sometimes otherwise hectic day. Most people tip the valet who retrieves their car when they’re ready to leave.Before you find yourself asking, “What should I tip the valet? However, tipping when you hand over the keys can lead to better service — maybe a spot in the shade or a primo parking spot that so that your car is quickly retrieved after the show.” or, “Do I stay in my car or get out when I pull up to the curb? These valet etiquette rules will alleviate any awkward moments for good! Is a tip mandatory when I am already paying a service fee? Whether you are paying a standard fee or valet parking is offered on a complimentary basis, tipping is still customary. You may wish to pay -3 to the attendant who takes your car and -3 to the one who brings it back to you — more if they have it waiting by the curb for you or offer you a bottle of cold water on a hot, humid day. Am I overcautious to clean out my car before leaving it with a valet?Your checkbook, bank statement and personal items should all be tucked away out of sight before you pull into the valet stand. Like anyone, valet attendants are much more responsive to drivers who are respectful and pleasant.He or she may ask you to move forward or park your car in a different area. Should I give the valet my entire ring of keys or just my “valet” key?The valet should have your car key with the remote control fob. The retrieval process always moves more quickly when the valets don’t have to search for your car.