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09 Oct

If you are all in equities, they tend to track together. 10% goes to roth traditional and 5% goes to the roth.But, IN GENERAL, S tends to have higher long term returns, but is also more volatile. Good on you for evaluating different investing strategies!! just hoping I'm on track...thanks again You can use the TSP calculator to find out if your balance and contributions are good, or not. 10% goes to roth traditional and 5% goes to the roth.The apps that I design are utilized by tens of thousands of users and, in a couple of instances, more than 1 million users, so my design approach is going to be with that in mind.In my case, that entails treating the business and persistence tiers seperately from the front-end tiers such as servlets, web services, and other end-points.thanks for the advice guys - I just switched to 60/20/20. Depends on how long you plan to work, and what amount you would like to have in your TSP when you retire. just hoping I'm on track...thanks again0K can be an excellent start depending on how many years you've been a fed and what your salary is. I looked at your 10 year plan and went back the last 10 years.i'll watch it for a few months, I know the I fund is doing really well now but over time it's return is way down compared to C/S right? https://gov/Planning Tools/Ca...vings thanks for the advice guys - I just switched to 60/20/20. Try to gradually increase your 10% when you get pay raises so that by the time you're 40 yrs old you're at least 15% or the IRS maximum. 7/18/2007 was a year before the great stock market crash of 2008-2009.

Again, it depends on the goals of your application.

If you are focused on setting and forgetting it may not matter, but some patience in the short term could pay off big for you.

What you are asking about is 'Dollar Cost Averaging', and it is definitely a bonafide strategy.

For small-scale applications that exist on a single server and have a relatively small user base, a single WAR solution is sufficient.

A single WAR is also fine for a clustered environment where there isn't a separation of concerns.