Problematic internet use loneliness and dating dating before exclusive

01 Jan

Individuals with strong preference for online social interactions were more prone to develop PIU than those with milder preference (20).

Similar to Slovenian studies, most other studies on PIU target mainly adolescent and student samples as well, including nationally representative epidemiological studies (16, 24).

Furthermore, gender and school performance were equally important predictors of problematic use (17).

In 2004, Šimek conducted a research on PIU among high school students in Maribor (N=622), using Young’s instrument.

In this study “only” 1.8% were classified as problematic users (18).

In another study using a qualitative (interview-based) approach, Internet users reported mild signs of PIU only in certain segments of use (19).

Recently, Primožič focused on mental instability in relation to PIU (online study, N=381) and found that mental instability explains only minor part of PIU.